Dengue Fever: Symptoms And Prevention

Dengue fever can be effectively controlled with some simple remedies. These home remedies can help you improve your platelet count and immunity. Read here to know some simple remedies for dengue fever.

It is a mosquito-borne disease which affects a huge population every year. They can cases increase during monsoon because stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. High fever, headaches, pain behind the eyes, fatigue, joint pain, skin rash, nausea and vomiting are some symptoms of dengue. . There are some effective home remedies which can help in controlling the symptoms of dengue. These remedies can bring down the high fever and give you some relaxation from the symptoms. Here are some remedies which can help you control dengue and its complications.

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Home remedies for dengue fever


1. Giloy juice

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Giloy juice is a well-known remedy for dengue fever. Strong immunity helps in fighting dengue fever effectively. It helps in increasing the platelet count and gives relief to the patient. You can boil two small stems of giloy plant in a glass of water. Giloy juice improves metabolism and builds immunity. Consume this water when it is little warm. You can also add few drops of g juice to a cup of boiled water and drink this twice a day. But make sure that you do not over consume  juice.

2. Papaya leaf juice

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As platelet count comes down in dengue patients, papaya leaf juice is a great remedy to increase platelet count. Papaya leaf juice also improves immunity which also helps in treating dengue. To use papaya leaves for dengue, take some papaya leaves and crush them to extract juice out of it. You can consume a small quantity of papaya leaf juice twice a day for better results.

3. Fresh guava juice

Guava juice is loaded with multiple nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C which helps in building immunity. You can add fresh guava juice to your diet to treat dengue fever.Juice will also provide you other health benefits. Drink one cup of guava juice twice a day. You can also eat fresh guava instead of juice.

4. Fenugreek seeds


Fenugreek seeds are also rich in multiple nutrients which help in controlling dengue fever. You can soak some fenugreek seeds in a cup of hot water. Allow the water to cool down and drink it twice a day. Fenugreek water will also provide you other health benefits as it is rich in vitamin C, K and fibre. Fenugreek water will bring down fever and boost immunity.

5. Immunity boosting foods

A strong immune system help you prevent dengue and also help in quick recovery from dengue fever. Strong immunity will also treat the initial symptoms of dengue. You must add immunity-boosting foods to your diet like citrus foods, garlic, almonds, turmeric and many more.


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