Best Covid Hospitals In Lucknow

L1 Hospitals

*RSM 100 BED DCH BKT(No.of Beds:30)
*CHC Malihabad (No.of Beds:30)
*CHC Mohanlalganj (No.of Beds:30)

 L1 Covid Care Centre

*SR Engineering Collage  (No.of Beds:500)
Surya Engineering Collage *Mohanlalganj (No.of Beds:500)
 Sunder Singh Engineering Collage *Mohanlalganj (No.of Beds:500)
*RR Engineering Collage (No.of Beds:500)
*Haz House, Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow (No.of Beds:500)
*Sri Ramswaroop College of Engineering and Management (No.of Beds:500) 
*Amity University (No.of Beds 600)
*FI Medical College, Kanpur (No.of       Beds:500)

L2 Hospitals Name

*Career Medical College (No.of Beds:520)
*Integral Institute of Medical Sciences  (No.of      Beds:420)
*Prasad Institute of Medical Sciences (No.of        Beds:220)

* T.S.M. Institute of Medical Sciences  (No.of       Beds:220)

*Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Hospital  (No.of       Beds:100)

*Sant Marry Hospital  (No.of Beds:75)

L3 Hospitals Name

*Era’s Lucknow Medical College (No.of Beds:710)
*Dr RMLIMS  (No.of Beds:105)

*SGPGI Lucknow(No.of Beds:155)

*KGMU (No.of Beds:185)



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